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I quite like NASA. Back in '03 one of my cousins (I think he was 10ish at the time) entered a joint NASA/Lego competition to name the mars rovers. He showed me the essay he wrote and it was impressive, the names he suggested had obvious relevance, but also contained some pretty deep references to mythology that fit the exploration and observation theme even better. An adopted Russian kid won though, with the unbeatable combo of sad Russian orphanage story and really patriotic names 'spirit and opportunity'.

Then a day later NASA called, said that my cousin had been disqualified because one of the names had been used on a less well known thing, but they were so impressed by how badass his essay and reasoning were that they were going to let him also have the NASA portion of the grand prize. I got to go with him and some other family on a free 4 day Florida trip to watch the rover launch.

So yeah, NASA are pretty cool in my book.

Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
that's exactly what i'm saying. we haven't been..

edit: it was all political in those days...

it's an obvious hoax..
I'm hoping you're trolling. A few points:
Why would they fake 6 moon landings? One is enough to have the desired effect.
Where did all the excess money go? A faked landing wouldn't take nearly as much as was used. A sum that large would be noticed by a number of groups.
Do you really think that the government could keep the hundreds of scientists, mechanics, and all other manner of personnel involved quiet about a cover-up? There's a very good reason most sensitive activities are restricted to those who need to know. The more people you get involved, the more chance of a leak.

There are far more plausible conspiracy theories out there, try believing one of them instead. Though most make the same mistake of assuming the government (especially intelligence agencies) are far less hamstrung than they actually are.

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