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Hadn't been following this closely, but that explains that angry interview the TX based reporter had w/BO.

While DC, New York and Kennedy make sense, I agree that Houston should have gotten one too.

As to NASA.....seems like it's regarded as an afterthought by the pols in DC. Commercialization of space is inevitable and probably necessary.

BO and attendance issue....not a concern. Hopefully last shuttle missions will be largely free of problems.

Honestly don't recall where I was when either Shuttle disaster occurred.

@TF---what's next..........gonna tell me that Elvis and Jim Morrisson are partying w/aliens at Area 51?

@Astor--I imagine that it might be possible to keep many of them silent (govts can really ruin any person's day), they merely only would need to discredit the others via ridicule. Having said that, I agree w/you & LB that the hoax thing is BS.

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