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Seeing this makes me feel old... and, as part of humanity (in case there were any doubts, here is the confirmation) it also makes me feel so small: these shuttles and the people aboard them, despite the great feat for humanity, we're still like little ants walking around in the Universe.

I remember both disasters. The Challenger disaster I watched in disbelief with a bunch of friends on a TV in a junior college waiting area between classes.
I remember that too...I was in what I believe to be the US gr.7 and it was on everyone's lips...

Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
We never went to the moon. we have been to space certainly. but we haven't been anywhere.

This is a joke, right? This post is so...uh... remotely early 1970-ish. It looks like the rumours that were going on in the middle of the jungle when it happened (my parents still have the articles that were published in a local amazonian paper along with articles from elsewhere as both of them were very interested in the topic - the first Halloween costume they bought me was that of an astronaut lol: it was probably the only one in the Peruvian jungle at that time )
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