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Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post
It looks like the rumours that were going on in the middle of the jungle when it happened (my parents still have the articles that were published in a local amazonian paper along with articles from elsewhere as both of them were very interested in the topic - the first Halloween costume they bought me was that of an astronaut lol: it was probably the only one in the Peruvian jungle at that time )
I actually semi-remember watching the moon landing. I was like 4 and usually always stayed up until everyone in the house went to bed. The one night they wanted me to stay awake I fell asleep. My mother woke me up and I watched a grainy black and white image. Don’t really remember much about it beyond the blurry image and being pissed they woke me up for that. Now I look back I’m really glad she woke me up.

I had one of those astronaut coustumes too. Only almost everyone around here had one of them.
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