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Originally Posted by hezekiaah View Post
I agree with what you're saying...
I guess I didn't mean she was killed for being ditzy - mostly I was stating that it wasn't bright of her to resist and think she wasn't going to be killed for it. Maybe she'd been just beaten before, but it seemed like she didn't realize she was disposable somehow; why else would she stand over the trap door like that when she could go left/right and be okay?
It wasn't like she was standing over the trapdoor on purpose, Jabba pulled her there. Watch the scene again and right before Jabba presses the button and you'll see Oola yanked over the spot of the trap.And how is she supposed to react in time to move right or left? She would have first had to have realized Jabba's intentions to kill her and then somehow keep away from the trap. It seemed like she could barely keep away from Jabba who wasn't even puling his hardest, so even if she had known his plans I doubt she could have stayed away. She was probably naive for not realizing Jabba would kill her if she refused too many times, but stupid? No.

Also, before people start making the argument that she was stupid for resisting in the first place and she should have played it safe like Leia did, think about it for a moment. Oola had been a slave for sometime and had no real hope for escape or rescue. Leia on the other hand knew that help was coming and that all she had to do was survive until Luke arrived. So Leia acted the obedient slave to throw Jabba off his guard and make sure she didn't anger him enough to find herself in the rancor pit. If Leia had to spend the rest of her life with Jabba I'm sure she would have resisted more, and probably gotten herself killed before to long.
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