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No worries - I didn't take offense. I understand, there are probably multiple "factual errors" with what we were saying maybe...I guess I just usually look at what the movie seems to intend rather than all the back stories and whatnot that have arisen since. Being as her screen time is so short, and Jabba basically ignores her that whole time up until right before her death, then there can be a lot of speculation, which can't be backed up with fact, too true. Mostly I think it's a question of semantics (naive & ditsy, while one sounds more negative, are not entirely separate in their meaning; both mean ignorant, more or less).

Anyhow, you did have some great points cafiwam, and I did re-watch that scene. Indeed, Jabba does seem to tug her onto the door before he drops her. Kind of a silly observation that I noticed too, was that she had actually a lot of slack to her leash that she herself was holding the whole time. It's probably just a stupid movie glitch, but that kind of backs up your point of her naivety towards Jabba killing her; if she thought Jabba would feed her, she could have easily let go of the leash and run back quite a ways from him, instead of continuing to try and take the rest of the leash from Jabba. This is the original version I'm referring to, I don't know, SE might be different.
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