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"That's very true. One time, I met Queen Jools, the Hutt you guys use to see at her cantina. At first, she didn't believe that I was the clone of Lyna. But after I told her my story and took off my goggles, she was totally surprised."

"Thats nice." Cade added. Its been a long time since he caught up with Jool.

The ship entered the atmosphere and flew towards the dock of the city, searching for an available landing pad.

"Nal Hutta Docking Bay Control, this is the Justice on approach and requesting permission to land?" Cade spoke into the comm unit.

"...Well?" Cade pressed on to Lyna, while waiting for a responce from control. "Why are we looking for a Hutt named Vedo in a place like Nal Hutta?"
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