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"That is perfectly fine with me Akagi,"

Akagi smiled under his helmet and slapped Takeda on the back lightly. "That is excellent news Takeda. I'm sure that my men and my villagers will greatly appreciate the help...but now...Shijra would like to spar with you."

A samurai wearing black armor stepped forward and nodded respectfully at Takeda. "I am told that you are a great fighter. I saw you fight at the village and now I would like to spar with you."

"Hey, guys,"

Akagi looked over at the newcomer and it took him a few seconds to recognize her. "Asuka..." He said with a smile. "It is good to see you again."

"A few of Akagi's men were going to train with me, you are more than welcome to join us,"

"Yes..." Akagi said with a smile. "It has been quite a while. Like Takeda said you are welcome to spar with us."

"I'll see you later then. Oh yeah, before I forget: I received word that Tategami-sensei has just came back from his mission. He'll give you an even BIGGER hug than mine... and thats not necassarily in a good way."

Karela returned the hug and smiled. "I'll be sure to be on the lookout for Tategami. But you do know that he'll most likely go after you first." She said with a smile as she turned and headed for the Hokage's building.
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