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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Code geass lost colors: Love time reversed
Revan sama

Non SW: A wish to change time brings more the wisher bargained for.

Revan Sama may be a rookie but the fiction is improving slowly but surely.

Ten Minutes

KOTOR aboard Star Forge: So much can happen in ten minutes.

The piece is stark and cold. You witness her own pain as Juhani records this. Her own denial of what is happening, recording even as she wants it not to be true.

Pick of the Week

The Promise

KOTOR on Dantooine: Juhani has time to consider everything she has done wrong.

The piece is sad; I succeeded in defeating then saving Juhani, but I know that just because I did doesn't mean it could have not gone the other way. I for one liked a view of might have been

Pick of the Week

Hidden Strength

KOTOR post Tatooine: Even Griff finds he has hidden strength.

Briavel created a moving end to someone's life here. When he could lie, tell Karath anything and everything, he cannot bring himself to place his sister in the same place.

Pick of the Week


KOTOR aboard the Star Forge: Revan has failed Bastila, will she fail herself as well?

The piece is sad because you have Revan falling a second time and being redeemed, but Bastila is unwilling to accept that she can be redeemed. The end is poignant and terribly sad.

Pick of the Week

Bull Run

KOTOR Characters at the battle of Bull Run: Our favorites on either side

The piece is short and not too descriptive, though the first battle of Manassas (Remember, first rule of history; the winner names the battle. Only the Union called either of the two battles fought there Bull Run) was also the first time long ranged rifle fire was used against massed formations right out of the Napoleonic Wars.

The author forgot two comments when the book excerpt was posted. The most common phrase used regarding the men that came home from the War between the states was that they had 'seen the elephant'. Like WWI and WWII, this war also spawned it's own genre if you will. The two decades following the War between the states is when most of the 'Wild West' occurred. The decade following WWI lead to the rise of organized crime, and the decade following WWII lead to the rise of 'bike clubs' starting with the Hells Angels in 1948.


Pre KOTOR: Trask Ulgo says his goodbyes before his final mission.

As another reviewer said, it's bittersweet. We, the audience, know he will not return, even though he blithely assumes he will.

Pick of the Week

Droid Troubles

TSL aboard the Ebon Hawk: Bao-Dur has to deal with HK47 for the first time.

The piece is lightly amusing and satirical, HK is his normal homicidal self, Bao-Dur unsure how to deal with that aspect. Manda'lor reacting as you would expect him to when he sees HK, and T3 giggling like a kid in the corner/

Pick of the Week

An Overwhelming Love

KOTOR after the Star Forge: How do you deal with having to say goodbye?

The piece is smooth as silk in the first chapter. Bot Carth and Hayley (Revan) are afraid the other doesn't wish to be together, yet are also afraid of asking. Her hiding under her bed like a child, and Mission, another child being able to find her though neither Carth nor Jolee could, is fun.

Pick of the Week

Silence in a Time of Victory

At the End of the Mandalorian War: They won, but at what cost?

The piece is stark and cold. I am reminded of a song by an Australian called Waltzing Maltilda when he mentions the civilian reaction to the wounded coming back from the battle of Gallipoli.

Pick of the Week

To Die With Honor

TSL on Dxun: The last thoughts of Davrel

The piece focuses not on honor, but on one obsessed with it. Davrel is one of the parts of the game I changed when I worte my novelization; I hated the way he obsessed on fighting her just because he was a rookie who got beaten. I at least, like this author, made his death worth something.

Carth Weather

Post KOTOR on Manaan: It's a snowy day, and Revan has just the way to warm up.

The piece is light and fluffy, Revan only standing in the cold because she knows Carth will warm her up soon.

Pick of the Week

More Than Useless

No specific era given: Two Jedi go to stop a war and do so, but at cost

Dwh has given us a story that shows the futility of why people fight. The main character of the story is only doing it to impress someone else, and his death is suitably meaningless. His friend is left with the survivor's guilt every soldier know; that maybe it should be him in the grave.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
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