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Originally Posted by ray007 View Post
This mod makes the game much more visually stunning. The vibrant colors/textures shaves years off the look of the game. That said, I do feel there are some areas that could be improved upon - such as:
  • Invisible Panels: I honestly thought something was wrong with my install or the mod. Only after coming to this forum did I realize the look was intentional. As much as I appreciate the intended desired effect, I didn't feel the invisible panels 'worked'.
  • Contrasting Colors: In some places contrasting colors works real well, but in others not so much. It is a delicate balance, and in most places the mod gets it perfectly, but there are a few places that IMO need improvement.
  • Textures Lacking Detail: Some objects seemed to lack detail. The locker in the 'home base apartment' in Taris for example lacks depth/detail.

These are just a few things, but in my opinion should be considered for improvement.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents on this incredible mod.
Well done!
Invisible panels: well i wanted to try something different this is a staple in todays games the problem i think is i cant make static distortions to make it not seem so stiff.

Contrast colors: well the enemy for my mods has always been shared/reused textures i have to pic my poison and minimize the mix match look the best i can

Texture lacking detail: I can always update textures for improvement for this mod so ill check it out

Originally Posted by Revan123 View Post
ray 007:

What? In my opinion the "invisible-factor" makes the panels much more immersive - and also the illuminated- containers -
these are the small things which makes this overhaul so great.

Xar, just an idea for the future: would it be possible to retexture some of the weapons and especially the droids - to look more hi-tech ( like illuminated eyes etc.) ?
Well im working on the droids its just a very tedious redrawing the skins for them there alot of little detail in some of them.

Weapons i have always dreaded these skins are to small for me to redraw. Thats something that would have to be done from scratch

Originally Posted by Christos K View Post
I like the computer panels but do they fit in with Star Wars?
In regards to if they fit in star wars it depends on the person. But star wars is an old idea had the movie been made today im sure there be something illuminated in the movie

Thanks for the feed back everyone.
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