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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post

Revan sama, since you made me laugh so hard, I'm going to share with you a funny little story I hope will make YOU laugh so hard! It's really short, so here it is. It's true, too.

One evening at her former chess club in her old hometown, a curious and proud Tysyacha tried to challenge someone to a game of chess in French:

"Tu veux jouer l'echecs? Tu voir perdre!"


My French sucks,
I thank you for the praise my lady. I am glad that my ridiculous humour and insanity made you laught.
If it's any consolation, my English is very bad as well. (I try the best I can though).
Next time try to say, "Tu veux jouer aux Echecs? Tu va perdre!"
I'm sure it make you very classy (If you say it correctly...)

The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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