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Chapter two.

Finally the Ebon Hawke made it through the palace. Though it was difficult to park the ship outside.

"Sigh: Thank goodness, we're finally here! Next time I'll find a better driver than this stupid trash compactor." said HK-rella.

T3 answer with a lot of angry Beep which could be translated as a lot of vulgarity.
(T3 as the carriage driver)

"Statement: Oh, do shut up, you beeping little trash compactor."

HK-rella took out his blaster and said:

"As a meetbag would say: Viva la fiesta!"

Then he went to the front door of the palace. No need for invitation, he blasted the guard in the front door.

T3 was making a lot of angry noise that could be translated as:

"After all that complaining and no tip? !"

In the palace.

Prince Revan was really bored out of his intellectual mind. There was a cat girl who keep having switching moods, One time she admired him and then she hated him.
(Juhani as the courtesan)

Then there was Bastila who keep rejecting him and keep telling him she love him in the dark side.


The day was really boring...

Suddenly he heard a cry out of nowhere

"Aaah! Help! She is blasting everything!"

What he saw made his eyes widen.

A beautiful girl with long blond hair, with red skin, red eyes and in a pink dress was throwing a few grenades on the people invited at the party

"Statement: Take that, you low meatbags!"

Aaaah what a magnificent voice she had...A bit masculine but still it add to her charms.

Prince Revan was enchanted!

He had to ask her name and had to dance with her!

While HK-rella was putting the table on fire, someone asked her

"E-excuse me miss, would you like to dance please?"

"Unsure query: Uhm...Do I still have to blast the place all over after the dance?"

"Of course!"

"Then I guess I can do that master."

And so began the not so romantic dance between HK-rella and prince Revan.
Bastila and Juhani were destroyed that this... this Blondie girl got to dance with prince Revan

While HK-rella was trying to keep the dance up, Prince Revan was...well staring at her and touching.

" Statement: What the hell are you doing?"

"You're not a girl anymore as I can see, you're quite a woman aren't you?" said Prince Revan while...giggling?!

"Horrified query: Pardon?!"

"What is your name?" asked Prince Revan.

"Answer: HK-rella"

Then he smelled her hair. (Remember it's a wig)

"Hmm, so soft and smell like peach."

All HK-rella could think was: "WHAT? ! Pervert!!!"

"Recitation: Come on HK-rella, come one, One more minute and then you got to shoot at things, endure it for moment,...Think of something positive...A burning body, a meatbag with acid in his eyes..."

Prince Revan looked in her red eyes and said:

"You know, I never felt that way...about a girl before."

"Horrified: Do that mean you feel for Guys? !"

"My lady, I have a request."

"Angry query: Now what?"

"Kiss me."

"Indignation: WHAT?! Kiss a meatbag?! Male? !"

"I'm a prince, so You'll have to do as I say! Pucker up!"

"First answer: no. Second answer: NO and third answer: Hell NO!"

But it was too late prince Revan had grabbed HK-rella for a kiss.

Until he heard the first stroke of midnight

The glue on the blond wig has faded away and HK-rella was...bald again.

"Statement: I know this will sound very girly but...My first kiss...with a meatbag...EW!"

"HK-rella? ! It was you all along!" Said the step mother canderous and step sister Bastila.

"Aaah Your kiss are so sweet HK-rella." Said Prince Revan in love.

"Query: How in hell could my kiss be sweet since I'm a droid? !"

"And you even used you tongue...Very sensual."

"Statement: I don't have a tongue!"

"Then what was that thing inside your mouth?" asked prince Revan blushing and very in love.

"Answer: I don't know and don't want to know!"

"Conclusion: It is time for me to go."

HK-rella ran off to the ebon hawk as fast as he could.

But prince Revan was rushing toward him very fast

"NOOOOO, Don't leave! I love you! My little love droid!"

"Yell: Aaaaaah! He is running after me! Quick you little trash compactor, hurry up with the Ebon Hawk!"

T3 insulted a few time HK-rella for not giving any tip again then proceeded to drive the Ebon Hawke at home.

The prince was Heartbroken. His beloved ran off and there was nothing he could do... it?

HK-rella in a hurry forgot about a little something that could bring him to his doom.

His blond wig

End of chapter two.

The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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