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I'm sorry for replying to an old thread, and this is probably old news, but in the game Force Unleashed II, this is written about stormtroopers in the databank:

Cody, Imperial Battalion Commander,
Operational Log (excerpt):

Since the Empire has redirected the
clone trooper program to other
pursuits and stepped up recruiting
inferior humans from the Outer Rim,
the operational effectiveness of this
army has declined significantly. The
stormtroopers in my own battalion
are expendable buffoons. They have
neither common sense, nor sense of
their own surroundings. Just today I
witnessed a new recruit hit his head
on a blast door during maneuvers.
Blasted idiots! What a disgrace to
the heritage and legacy of a once
truly incredible fighting force.

As one of the last clones in service
today, few others can share in my
disdain for these men. I'd sacrifice an
entire platoon of new stormtrooper
recruits for just one real clone
trooper. If the clone template were
still alive, I think he'd kill them all
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