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Originally Posted by Rtas Vadum View Post
You could do that by animating the textures(i.e making the existing texture into a single 'frame', and then duplicating it a certain number of times, and editing certain frames to look distorted(or rather like some of the AI's in Mass Effect). You wouldn't want to do so with a 512x512 texture though, as each two frames doubles the size.

Also, very nice work on these. Only one that really surprised me was Tattooine, though that was because of the see-through gate - Very nice.
Well i think i understand the basics of what u mean but how to get it to show in game thats the part i need to know guess i gotta find tuts

Originally Posted by ray007 View Post

Interface panels: Solid base/frame with only certain parts more 'invisible'. If the invisible parts could be animated - that would be amazing.

See through walls: Currently a very nice visual effect, but what about making them more see through in limited places? If done right, it could create a nice contrast.

Regarding the lack of texture detail on footlockers and a few other items -the main issue for me is that images seems to lack overall 3d depth.

Xarwarz - in my opinion you have created one of the most amazing mods made for the game and I thank you for it. My comments are just suggestions on possible versions that you may want to consider creating.
When you say see through walls what area are you referring to exactly?
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