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Originally Posted by hezekiaah View Post
As for your previous comments - I never suspected her chain was locked into the dais when she was dancing...I figured Jabba had unhooked it and was holding it? It seemed like it at least - same thing with Leia. Then it would make sense for her to escape. But you could definitely be right.

Thanks for the website as well - interesting interview. It's interesting she says she only did the 2 scenes...I swear I saw a picture recently where it looks like 3PO is talking to Oola on the set...but maybe that was a snapshot between takes or something.
Remember Leia was only able to escape after r2 cut her chain. If it wasn't locked she could have just pulled it from Jabba and ran.

As for the picture your referring to, I've seen it as well. Here it is:

I believe this picture was taken as promotional image for the movie that was rarely used. It was never intended to be part of the film. It is interesting though, because Oola does talk to Threepio in "Oola's Tale" from "Tales from Jabba's Palace. Perhaps Lucas had some ideas and perhaps had a sort of dress rehearsal without actually filming to see how it looked before deciding to scrap the scene and focus on filming on the other 2 she was in. This would be a great question to ask either Lucas or Femi.
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