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Originally Posted by hezekiaah View Post
True - the only problem is Lucas' reputation has been on the line for a while and still has seemed to screw things up (in my opinion at least). But hopefully he'll improve.

As for your previous comments - I never suspected her chain was locked into the dais when she was dancing...I figured Jabba had unhooked it and was holding it? It seemed like it at least - same thing with Leia. Then it would make sense for her to escape. But you could definitely be right.

Thanks for the website as well - interesting interview. It's interesting she says she only did the 2 scenes...I swear I saw a picture recently where it looks like 3PO is talking to Oola on the set...but maybe that was a snapshot between takes or something.
You're right i found the same pic online, In between takes, She said she talked to Anthony Daniels, along with some other cast members, Just from reading her interview, she seemed really down to earth.

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