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Originally Posted by hezekiaah View Post
Thanks for the good point Cafiwam, yeah it'd have been difficult for Leia to strangle Jabba with her chain if it wasn't somehow hooked into the dais as well - I just thought that was a movie mistake. Does make the idea of Oola escaping a big silly then if she knew she couldn't pull her chain away. Don't know why she was yanking so much on it then - probably just not thinking in the moment.

Also, doubly good catch/point Sith Lord; as cool an additional scene as that would be, you're probably right in and that it was just a between-take thing and not filmed. Makes sense.
Thanks, Yup it was in between takes for the special edition shooting, They used Femi Taylor again for Oola, Because she hadn't really changed much, I will post up the interview for everyone to read!!

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