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Sorry about that, it's "Tu vas"

Chapter three.

Prince Revan, who was now madly in love with HK-rella, picked up the blond wig and said to his minister :

“Go and search everywhere for the girl whose head will fits to this blond wig. I will never be content until I find her!”

"Since when are you ever content?"
(Carth Onasi as the minister)

"You did not just roll your eyes on me..." said the suspicious prince Revan.

"What? NO, of course not! I love you Lord prince Revan!" said quickly the minister Carth.

"Well I don't love you, now stop being such ass-licker and bring me my bald red droid wife!!!" Said prince Revan while beating the crap out of his minister.

"'sob' How could such wonderful man be taken 'sob'" The step sister Bastila was crying with all her broken heart.

It almost took an entire week to try the blond wig on every bald girl on the planet Coruscant.

You can't imagine how much bald girl or woman there is in there.

Some girl even shaved their hair on purpose.

But it didn't end well

As for HK-rella, he came back home rather quickly and closed the door.

Then he went to his room to talk with his godparent fairy Mission Vao and Zaalbar

"Query: Are you both there meatbags Slaves?!"

"Shh! We are in a middle of séance of Spiritism here. And we're not your slaves!" said Mission vao the godparent Fairy.

"Though, for the meatbag part it fit well big Z."

"'Angry whining in wookie language.'"

"I was Kidding Zaalbar don't take it so seriously."

Indeed, HK-rella's godparents fairies Mission and Zaalbar were trying to bring back the ghost of the father of a young Blondie boy. That was part of their second job. The first one is godparent fairy and the second is Spiritism.

"Please, I want to talk with my daddy again..."
(Luke Skywalker as Blondie boy)

But little did he know was that Mission doesn't bring back dead people...She do ventriloquism on the photo of the dead guy and pretend to be him.

"Luke. It's me...!" Said the false voice of Darth Vader.

"Father! It's really you? ! But your voice sound a bit strange..." said Luke.

"Uhm...'cough' that is because I have a cold." said the false voice of Darth Vader.

"In heaven?" asked Luke.

"Who said I was in heaven?"

"Anyway I have to ask...Are you my real father like uncle Obi-wan said?"

"No Luke...I am...YOUR MOTHER!!!" said the false voice of Darth Vader.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo-" Blondie Luke just fainted.

"Statement: I don't have time for that, hurry the hell up!"

HK-rella dragged Mission and Zaalbar in the dining room and leaved the poor Blondie boy cold on the floor.

"Why are you so upset HK-rella? Haven't you found a sexy prince during your time at the ball?" asked Mission with a small smirk.

"Thread: Don't you smirk on me!"

"Query: Did you make my master fall in love with me?"

"No, but it was bounded to happen since it's a corny fairy tale." answer Mission.

"Horrified query: WHAT? !"

"It was in the script, now you have to marry the prince and it will be the end!"

"I don't want to marry that perverted meatbag!" retorted HK-rella

"Come on, it can't be that bad. Bastila romanced him in kotor, you can do that as well, even better, right?" Mission's logic didn't make any sense.

Knock, knock.

Someone was knocking at the front door.

And that someone entered the house without even ask permission

"Query: Who are you?"

"I'm minister Carth Onasi, I must absolutely try this blond wig on every bald girl to find my prince's wife."

"Damn it, too late." said HK-rella.

"First, we will try it on the blue girl..." began minister Carth.

"Hey! I'm a Twi'lek! I'm always like that and I don't need a blond wig."

"Hmm...True, And the girl is supposed to be red anyway."

Only HK-rella was left.

To everyone's amazement, the wig fitted perfectly

"Come with us HK-rella! The prince is waiting for you!" said minister Carth with joy.

"Statement: But...I'm a male droid!"

"Ah? Nobody is perfect." Said minister Carth.

"You'll have to shoot me first!"

After a few dead people and a lot of soldier got hurt, They finally captured HK-rella and dragged him to the prince. The prince was really happy and decided to wed HK-rella immediately a few days later.

Though...needless to say that the newly-wed Ms HK-rella-Revan remained catatonic for a few weeks (especially during the honeymoon and after giving birth to the prince's children)

"Recitation: As step mother meatbag Canderous would say, I have no dignity..."

Until he realized that being married to a prince meant you could shoot the servant as much as you want!!!

Few years down the road...

"Hello my beautiful family!" said Prince Revan while coming back from work. (By work I mean as a tyrant)

"Revan Papa!" Four little half droid and human boys came toward him with big expressionless faces.

Killing is the way to someone's heart after mean, they lived happily ever after despise that HK-rella is emptying the planet Coruscant more and more.

"There's just more of him to love!" Said a blushing prince Revan.

The step mother Canderous Ordo was forever type casted as a transvestite.

The step sister Bastila committed a suicide because Revan broke her heart and she was all EMO about falling to the dark side

As for Mission and Zaalbar:

"I'm sorry han...I love incest...I'm in love with my brother Luke!" Said the false voice of Leia.

"NOOOOOOOOOooooooo-" Han Solo fainted.

Still causing trouble to the world as always.

"I've heard complains Kid..."
(Jolee Bindo as the Fairy boss)

"Ah...Er...Yeah...Well they were estatic!" said a nervous Mission.

"'Sigh in wookie language'"


The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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