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Originally Posted by Kael'thas Solo View Post
If beards are what makes an epic Jedi, then explain Anakin and Luke neither of them had a beard.
Anakin whined all the time, couldn't figure out that a guy from a group infamous for lying all the time was lying to him, and was beaten so badly he had to live in insanely high-tech life support for the rest of his life. No beard, and not awesome. Also, the guy who got him burned up was a jedi with a beard. Although Obi Wan was supposedly weaker in the force, he still won. His beard clearly gave him an edge.

Luke whined a bit less, but still whined. His dad, who we've already established as less great than a supposedly less Force-powerful bearded jedi, managed to wreck him and cut off his hand. Luke was also getting absolutely destroyed by an old man, until his dad felt bad for him and took the old man by surprise by tossing him into a bottomless pit. That doesn't sound too awesome.

Beards aren't required (after all, there have been some powerful female Jedi), but I think it's pretty clear that they act in concert with the Force to greatly amplify whatever the beard-wearer's natural force strength might be. Kyle Katarn figured this out, which is why he grew a beard between Dark Forces and DFII: Jedi Knight, allowing him to harness his formidable strength in the force.

edit: To make this slightly on-topic, instead of making a new post, I'll just say here that the Visas head looks to be coming along nicely. Having the headdress as an equippable item would be a nice addition for those who like to have the option of the original look. Perhaps it would make sense for it to be equipped on her when you first meet. Of course, that would increase incompatibilities with other mods that edit her inventory, so it might be best to leave that for people to edit manually, since it's a pretty simple process.

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