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"Nal Hutta Docking Bay Control, this is the Justice on approach and requesting permission to land?" Cade spoke into the comm unit.

They waited for their response.

"...Well?" Cade pressed on to Lyna, while waiting for a responce from control. "Why are we looking for a Hutt named Vedo in a place like Nal Hutta?"

Lyna turned to Cade and smiled sheepishly. "Oh! I forgot to answer your question. Sorry. Well, I contacted Vedo and asked him if his information brokers could bring up Sethos' whereabouts and where I can find him. We'll meet up with him and see what he's got so far."

Finally, the intercom came through. "Nal Hutta Docking Bay Control to Justice, you have permission. Please land in Docking Bay 44."

"Thank you," Lyna replied, and landing in the Docking Bay 44. She then looked at Cade. "Don't worry, Cade. I'm sure Vedo will be glad to finally meet us."


Saluna and Tino began to search for Lyna's presence in the Galaxy. Their grandmother taught them this special Force technique ever since they were both little. So, they were pretty skilled with it.

Finally, they both shot their eyes open. "Nal Hutta," they both replied, and looked at Xan and the others.
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