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i wanna play multiplayer too! but its all dedicated servers with bots so its super boring... anyone wanna play me? i play regular outcast, jedimod, promod... cheats enabled, cheats disabled... whatever floats your boat! i just wanna play with humans instead of these stupid bots!

i like servers with a lot of chat. there are two kinds of gamers: those who like to chat while they play, and those who keep to themselves and just play the game.
i am the kind who likes to chat. if theres no talking, it really doesnt feel any different from playing bots to me.

so if anyone wants to play me, just know that i like a good conversation during the fight. kind of like those cheesy old superhero comic books!
i can still picture spiderman saying something annoying and sarcastic while the bad guy tried to kill him.
always annoyed the heck out of me but to be honest, thats pretty much me during multiplayer games!

lol anyway, i think we should get a game going! ill email some people and see if i cant get a good server going.

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