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((Sorry for the delay, heres the next chapter.))

Two days later

This is so boring...Mission vao thought as she sat in the co-pilots chair of the Ebon Hawk next to Shiyra. They had been in hyperspace for nearly two days now and it was still another day before they would arrive. She could hear Zaalbar's grunting as he worked on upgrading the security system in the next room. She sighed.

"Something wrong?" Shiyra asked.

"It's...well...It's just so boring. Back when I was on the Hawk there was always something going on. Either Bastila and Juhani would spar and I could watch that, or Jolee would tell stories of his youth to whoever would listen or Canderous would chat would HK-47 about the best way to kill sith. It's...well there was always something to do. Right's just you, Arina me and Zaalbar."

"Don't worry." Shiyra said calmly. "I'm sure that once we reach Kashyyyk we'll find ourselves busy. The Ebon Hawk has taken quite a bit of damage recently from all of our run-ins with Mical and we could use the time on Kashyyyk to finally repair the damage."

"Zaalbar seems happy that we're heading to his homeworld." Mission said changing the subject. "He hasn't been back home for quite a few years."

"Why's that?" Shiyra asked as she hit a few more controls. One of the buttons was flashing and she took a look at it. "Hmph. It looks like one of the wires that supplies power to the quadlasers got knocked loose. One more thing that we'll have to repair once we land."

Mission sighed again. The Hawk was starting to fall apart from all the damage it had taken the past few weeks. "I'll add it to the list of things that need to be fixed."

Shiyra leaned back in the pilot's seat and rested her head back against the seat. "So...we were talking about Zaalbar. Why hasn't he been back home in such a long time?"

"It's a really long story. Years ago, he was banned from his homeworld because his brother was dealing with slavers. Zaalbar found out and attacked him. You have to wookiee culture attacking someone...anyone with you claws is a crime. During his fight with his brother he was so angry he used his claws in battle and was banished by his father."

Mission smiled. "It was shortly after that he found himself on Taris where he met me a few years before the Jedi Civil War. During the war though...Darth Malak attacked Taris and we barely escaped with our lives. But thats another story for another time."

"We eventually found ourselves on Kashyyyk when we were looking for something called a star map. While we were there, we found out that Zaalbar's brother had taken control and was helping Czerka take the native wookiee population as slaves. To make a long story short...Zaalbar managed to find his father who helped him take care of his brother. Eventually Zaalbar's father came to power and he said that Zaalbar was welcome home at any time."

"I don't get it though...why didn't he go home earlier?" Shiyra asked

"We...ran into problems after the Jedi Civil War. I guess Big Z and I managed to make someone angry."

Mission's eyes took on a haunted look. "It was on Dantooine that we ran into trouble...someone had hired a dark jedi turned mercenary to hunt us down and kill us. To be honest I still don't know who it was who hired him to hunt us...all I know is that one night he found us outside of Khoonda...we managed to fight him but...Zaalbar lost him arm in the battle...and it's my fault." Mission's eyes were starting to fill up with tears.

"What happened?" Shiyra asked softly.

"During the fight...I was knocked to the ground and the dark jedi was about to kill me when Zaalbar threw himself in front of me. And...that is how he lost his arm. Zaalbar managed to startle the dark jedi for a second, long enough for me to blast him."

"So...what happened then?"

"I guess that a dead dark jedi sent a message to the person who had sent him after us. There weren't any more attempts on our life after that. But after that...Zaalbar changed. He said he just needed time after he lost his arm...but years passed before he considered going back. I'm just glad I was able to persaude him to head back home. I think it'll be good for him to see his father again."

Shiyra sighed as she heard Ariana start to cry from her sleeping area in the security room. "I guess Ariana is up. It looks like I'll be busy for awhile. I'll take care of Ariana and head back up here after I'm done. I want you to get some sleep Mission, you haven't slept for nearly a day and a half."

Mission nodded and watched as Shiyra left and looked back at the control board. The ship would be fine on it's own for awhile and some sleep would be welcome.

She got up and headed for the bunks and smiled as she passed the security room and saw that Shiyra was rocking Ariana back to sleep.

She's a good mom...Mission thought as she headed for the bunks.
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