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i know i am a lillte bit late but i hope someone here is still alive^^

i'm playing kotor again and noticed this great mod the first time. i guess most of the mod worked well but there are two problems im confronted with.

the first an heavy one: after completing exar kuns tomb and freeing those padawans i have to go to the landing pod obove the temple. there seems to be a last fight with the sith.. 3 sith and the padawan look at each other and if i pass the padawans the game crash. i guess a video or something should start.
is it possible to avoid that by warping to the next place with the console and if so, what do i have to write?

the second problem isnt that bad and it was mentioned here bevor without an answer, but i got still hop^^
in the mandalorian camp there is a closed door at the end of the floor you arrive on. i guess i should open it with the computer console at the entrance but when i klick on the console nothing happens..

ps if someone have the same problem at the guy above: at the iridonian base theres a console you have to use, it calls a swoop or something wich appears in a empty room on the south-west of the base. after using that the mod really starts
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