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I'm a bit surprised at all the comments about how smartphones are "dumb". They definitely provide utility... unlimited access to the internet in your pocket, mp3 players, video players, social networking capabilities, phone (duh), plus many more. I also use my Android quite frequently as a navigational device using the GPS. It's a TomTom, iPad, phone, and mini-laptop all in one, ultra-portable device. Definitely not dumb. Oh, and the (free) audible app makes my commute to work tolerable.

I am anti-Apple, and I love Google, so I went with an Android. I did have a blackberry beforehand, and went through some withdrawals when I first made the switch, but now I'm happy I did.

I'm probably also a bit skewed because I don't think that they're expensive... my phone was under $200 and another $30 a month isn't unreasonable to me.

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