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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Three things for me:

1. I want the Dark Apprentice to be the second main villain, other than Vader. As I've explained in other posts, the only thing that makes sense is that he exists, even though he didn't end up striking Starkiller down. If they ignore him, they've thrown an immensely powerful character out there into Star Wars canon with his fate unsealed, and that's a problem.
I like this idea, but to be honest we should of faced him in TFU2. When I saw the dark side ending and that "distant thunder" art movie clips I realized they seriously blew the oportunity to create an amazing game. They should of shown actual sequences of Vader and the dark apprentice and after Vader is captured have the dark apprentice reveal himself and disappear, forcing Starkiller to go on a mission or two to find him, along with Juno guiding him.

Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
2. I want Maris Brood's story finished. What became of her after swearing to abandon the dark side? Was she successful? Was she telling the truth?
I do want to find out what happens to her, but I don't want it to be repetitive. I'm not quite sure how she could be involved, especially with Episode 4 so close. So many Jedi and Sith around during the original trilogy, its like history is rewriting itself.

Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
3. This will probably not happen, but I want the story to begin where Galen and Kota have been studying the ancient Jedi technique of cutting someone off from the Force, as shown in Tales of the Jedi and toyed with in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, so that they can deal with Darth Vader who is in their captivity. However, Vader breaks free before this can be completed, and in the end, Starkiller somehow realizes that he has to perform the ritual on both himself and the Dark Apprentice in order to save the galaxy, sort of as a way of sacrificing himself without actually dying. After this, he could become a simple general in the Rebel Alliance, being called General Marek or something (this idea is inspired by the alternate outfit that you can download for the first game, which I've always liked).
I was actually thinking of this after replaying Kotor 2 a few months back. I agree that Starkiller shouldn't die again but be cut off from the force. I can see Kota dieing for Starkiller, Juno or the rebellion but not Starkiller.

And there should be more about his identity. Changing back to his birth name Galen Marek and convincing others to call him by that, leaving behind his old life. There should definently be a duel between Galen and dark starkiller and find a way to cut the connection from both of them.

Originally Posted by Klw View Post
I know this isn't an official channel, but I'm not joining another forum so I might as well add:

1. I liked Lightning Shield better than Mind Trick.
3. It would be a nice touch to let us switch between one and two lightsabers.
4. It was nice to have actual droid giants instead of rancors and floating scrap metal. But I miss the rancors.
6. I miss Felucia and Kashyyyk. Enough with the interiors of ships and futuristic cities. Let's go back into the jungle and get attacked by a huge sentient plant again.
I didn't find any use for Mind Trick until I played on the Hard and Unleashed setting. I would like that to return. I never found a use for lightning shield personally. And I think changing from single to duel blades is a good idea. And maybe as a bonus to unlock is a double blade, just for the few fans who like Darth Maul XD

I do miss the rancors! Although, I don't like going back to the same locations, it feels repetitive and like I'm back in the previous game. I probably wouldn't mind if they brought maybe 1 or 2, but as long as there are like many others 7 or more. When Kota mentioned Kashyyyk in TFU2 I was like "please no." I wasn't fond of that level in the first place, though I know it was important for the story.

I do agree with the sentient enemies. I enjoyed felusia and the natives as well as the sarlacc, especially going inside the creature! That was awesome!

Originally Posted by Klw View Post
In other words, I liked TFU1 much more. In fact, the only improvements I actually enjoyed are duel wield, Force Fury, the Databank, and the Challenges.
The force fury was amazing, but it takes way too long to build up! I felt like I was playing some old star wars game and waiting a half hour for my force to build back up! Should of taken half of the time and not drained so quickly! Especially was annoying when I activate it and Vader would clash sabers with me and share his taunts!

The challenge modes are ridiculous in my opinion. I spent 2 hours on the retrieval dash one and still can't get past padawan! I feel like I'm ready to pull my hair out when I attempt those. They should be challenging but also fun, not frustrating!

Originally Posted by Klw View Post
The kill animations and saber-locks are so redundant it's annoying. Sometimes I just ignore them so I don't have to watch Starkiller do the same moves over and over again. The final battle with Vader had me practically pulling my hair out every time Starkiller squeaked out another cliched threat.
At first I thought it was cool but then after repeating over and over and over and over, I was like "omg, shut up!" lol I've never talked to my screen from a game so much in my life :P

Originally Posted by MajinMikeyX View Post
I honestly would have thought if in TFU2, that they gave a twist near or at the end of the game, such as Starkiller getting a vision, but not a vision of things from the first game, or like 5 minutes in the future like when he had a vision of him holding Juno during his fight with Vader. I'm thinking he should've had a vision of right after his "death" and what Vader and Palpatine did with him afterward, revealing whether or not he's a clone.
I agree here! We should of learned if he was a clone or not in TFU2 so in TFU3 he can be confident and sure of himself like Luke was in Return of the Jedi. In Episode 4 our hero was introduced, Episode 5 our hero learned the truth of who he was and where he came from and in Episode 6 our hero faces the final trials. Sadly, I don't see how this is possible for Starkiller. What Vader did to him outranks what happened to Luke, so Vader should be Starkiller's to destroy, but that will never happen, which is why part of me was happy with TFU1's ending.

Originally Posted by MajinMikeyX View Post
Also, by lengthening the game for TFU3, I'm not sure how they would do that since it's so soon before ANH that there isn't that much time, and that it would be strange if Starkiller's going from planet to planet destroying random Imperial bases for no reason. They'd probably have to do what they did in TFU2 again, which was have a little amount of planets and locations, but have them spend a lot of time at each and split them up into sections, I'm not too sure about that part.
TFU2 could of be considered a success if they had lengthed the time on Dagobah, having Yoda train him a little, maybe try to convince him to controls his emotions for Juno like he tried with Luke for Han and Leia. Then have a mission where Starkiller finds Kota on Malastar and then continue to the cutscene where they arrive on the fleet. TFU2 had a beginning and an ending but no middle. Hopefully the developers will learn this for the third game.

I do agree that Starkiller shouldn't be running around. It would feel too much likd TFU1. But there should be no less then maybe 5 locations. And several missions on each.

Originally Posted by General Starkiller View Post
- Bring back the end stage summaries that totaled how many of a certain enemy you killed, what your score for the level was etc.

- I liked the extra challenges within the levels (like release the sarlaac tentacles). Bring those back.

- A bigger variety of enemies...I never once though that TFU I had too many different enemies. The more species and characters the better. This is the Star Wars universe, full of different species and humanoids...TFU I had Jawas, Rodians, Ugnaughts, Imperials, Droids, Junk Monsters, Felucians, Rancors and most importantly Jedi.

- While I thought the lightsaber customization in TFU II was cool, I would rather a combination of the TFU I and TFU II systems. Let me pick the color and the effect separate.

- More variety in levels and NPC. While Cato Neimodia was cool, it seemed so empty. Why weren't there any Neimodians scrambling for shelter while the city was on lockdown? I mean we saw a couple frozen in the casino...I am not really up on my EU lore, but there were really no Kamionians left on Kamino...?

- Little things like the combo name and enemy name appearing near the health/force meters were cool. I know they were probably trying to clean up the HUD, but I missed that little detail.

- Holocrons. I was almost looking forward to exploring and searching and manipulating the environment looking for Holocrons more than anything else in TFU II...and boy was I let down. TFU I made it challenging to get these things. Hidden up high...hidden behind bendable shards of metal...hidden across vast chasms. In TFU II they were just...there.

- Speaking of Holocrons, I would much rather the Holocrons hold the game bonuses like crystals, skins etc then the challenges.

- The ability to skip cutscenes more freely. I know they added the "skip" feature, but honestly when I'm playing through the game for the the 4th time, or just replaying levels with a different skin I would like to not have to hear Kota telling me to "clear the deck Starkiller...we got to get our fighters out there!" for the umpteenth time. For a perfect example of how cutscenes can be handled check out Bayonetta.

- More Easter Eggs man! We had the clone helmet, the Falcon, C-3PO, Sterns room in TFU I...just cool little things like.

I have more...I'm just tired of typing on this iPad...
Yes! to everything you said. Especially the total enemies, points, extra quests in the missions and to skip the "gameplay" animated scenes as I call them. I listened to Kota's voice on that part like 7 or 8 times over! O_O

Originally Posted by Klw View Post
Oh and one more thing:

There was a gladiatorial arena in the game, practically a trademark of the SW franchise, but all we got to do in it is run from side to side on a ledge trying not to get squashed. The game developers missed a major opportunity here: I'm talking waves of animals (or melee warriors, but never droids) with increasing difficulty, either in the campaign or the challenges. Why does Kota get to have all the fun? The challenges did have various forms of wave combat, but nothing beats the environment of a gladiatorial contest with cheering crowds.
I had such high hopes for that. I still like that level in TFU2, but it would of been nice to destroy a few racors and some other creatures from the Star Wars universe! Reek and Ackley from Episode 2 please! XD

Originally Posted by Mandalorian Mercenary View Post
Maris Brood returning would definately put a twist on things. Maybe she falls in love with StarKiller and Juno gets ticked off?

And is there anyway someone could mod TFU1 so you can play as Juno? I know it would probably be extremely hard, considering she appears in an actual level once; but I've always wanted to play as her for some reason. It'd be amusing to see a hot blonde with a lightsaber chopping up stormies, eh?
Ha, ha, that would be a good spoof, but I think after Starkiller risking everything in TFU2 just to find Juno, I doubt he would betray her like that.

And yes! They have every skin except one for Juno! I would love to play the game with a Juno skin!!! I had a ball when I used the C-3P0 skin :P

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
A friend made a good argument to me why SK in TFU2 is not a clone but actually the real dude. I have agreed with this all along, despite the arguments here and elsewhere... an intuition thing, and a Canderous-like acceptance that "this is the Force we're talking about here."
I came up with something to prove he is just a clone, but it was only a way for me to rationalize how bad the story was in the game. After failing Vader's tests and from the vision of being killed, Juno is all he has left and decides to take a chance and hope she accepts him. Which is why he thinks he has no obligations to the rebel alliance.

"I've got a bad feeling about this!"
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