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personally i find it refreshing that they are concentrating around the clones. There is a lot of story there that few people even thought of before, let alone wanted to explore. The Force user stories have gotten too much attention. For the amount of potential there is for the galaxy during the clone wars and during the empire, not enough has been explored.

I am more interested in the stories of the "grunts" anyway. I find the Jedi too "high on their horse", and i want to hear about the clones that are fighting the war, not the "generals" in the Jedi temple.

On a seperate note, i think there should be more focus on the games. With the amount of attention TFU got, and The Old Republic is getting, i think it is obscene that there isn't more games in planning and coming out. Video Games are a completely new way of telling a story that can have the "watcher/player" more vested in the story. It is a largely unexplored way of telling a story for LucasArts. Sure there is KOTOR, and ames like that, but there is so much more to the expanded universe than just that. Look beyond the movies, there is several thousand years between the old republic and the Empire, ther has to be something worth exploring, putting money into, and making a decent game out of. Resurect some of the older games, and give them a new story. so many options, so little ambition to do anything about it.

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