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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
Hey RoknRic!

Did you happen to read any of the posts, uh, directly before your own? It seems that vadakin's post (#5) explains that the saves are in the Documents folder. In that post he describes a brute force approach to making things work, and in post #6 N** gives an idea for escaping some of that brutishness by making a symbolic link.

All this assumes that you have some way to use KSE on a Mac OS... wine or something akin.

Never hurts to read in the thread you're posting in
If he is using the App store version then the save game files are located in a different place. They are here:

[user]>Library>application support>Knights of the old Republic>Saves

[user] would vary by person obviously.

The App store version is reasonably new is structured differently than the older mac version. The good news it it plays much better...

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