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I would like it if the series ventured away from the constant emphasis of Jedi and Sith and on to some of the other groups out there, and this can include rather ordinary individuals. I often feel like this is something that the producers and writers often fall back on and have done so far too many times IMO. That and the rehashing of the same old characters. I think the pre-CW has an advantage over CW, GCW and post-GCW in this regard, since (IMO) it's been all about the Skywalkers and Solos. May they fade into anonymity and carry on their family lines there.

Another thing is the constant retconning - these people need to get their stories straight (and yes, I understand that The Great Flanneled One is responsible for most of these retcons, but still...).

Then comes the constant additions of OOT content - I know it's a fantasy universe, but sometimes I think the envelope gets pushed in that respect. But that's a minor quibble, one I think is somewhat tied to the constant clinging to Jedi.
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