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Jedi Academy - yet another problem with graphics


I have just installed Jedi Academy. There were no problems during installation and I can access the menu and start a game, however:
-I can't see any characters during the first intro video, though I can hear them
-The game crashes before the gameplay begins (as soon as the ship hits the ground)

I have a Windows Vista 32-bit machine with GeForce 8500GT. Here is what I've already tried and didn't help:
-Reinstalling the game ;-)
-Running jasp.exe as administrator and in Windows XP mode
-Switching to 16-bit
-Installing the oldest drivers for my graphic card I could find (2007)
-Copying the .dll file from GLdirect into GameData (a hint I found on Lucasforums)

I really have no idea what else I could do. I've installed the 1.01 patch - didn't help as well. JK: Jedi Outcast runs smooth on my comp.
I'd be very grateful for any kind of help you guys could come up with.

Thanks in advance and regards.
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