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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Do you have a list of stuff you find ludicrous in Star Wars? If so, how do the following rank? :
- a force field that can be manipulated by individuals into generating lightning, moving objects telekinetically, choking people and sensing distant phenomenon.
- Laser weapons that seem to shoot projectiles slower than ballistic weapons.
- A laser sword that can deflect other laser shots.
- A space station designed in such a way that a guided torpedo can blow it entirely to bits.
- Droids that move with the flexibility of a mannequin, used by civilizations that have mastered hyperspace travel, holograms, perfect prosthetics and other scientific feats.

tl;dr Star Wars is ludicrous.
The Force isn't a force field, it's an energy field. They're different.

Blasters aren't laser weapons, they're blaster weapons.

A lightsaber isn't a laser weapon either, and neither are blasters.

You'll find that if you put a high-powered explosive into the perfect place on most things, it'll destroy it.

And C-3PO didn't need very much flexibility, he's built for protocol and diplomacy, not combat. Notice that Battle Droids are shown to be significantly less inflexible. C-3PO is designed to be nonthreatening.

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