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This worked for me

Originally Posted by Black_Knight View Post
Every XWing game I have installed into Windows 7 (64bit) is giving me graphical issues in-game. I get this blockiness effect after only a few moments of action. I am attempting to post an image of one example in XWA here. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Game seems to run flawlessly otherwise. No other games have this issue, just the XWing series (XWing CD, Tie CD, XvT:BoP, XWA)

I am using an ATI 4850, updated drivers.
Using maxed out graphics settings in all games.

I found out on Google that this early games did not know what to do with the function "explorer.exe".

In order to fix this, i got out of the game, minimize or closed all other windows until i only have the desktop, press Ctrl+Shift+Delete which brings the Windows task manager, go to processes, right click on the process called explorer.exe and then kill (end) it.

In the same windows task manager now you go to File>New(Task run)... and when the little command prompt window appears, go to browse, and click where the xwing95.exe is located, usually goes here:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\XWing95\XWING95.EXE"

And voila, now your game should run fine, with no dots.
Once you are done playing press again those ctrl+shift+delete and go to File>New(task run)... and type explorer.exe. That will bring back all your stuff.

I think that is the only solution to it.
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