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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Do you have a list of stuff you find ludicrous in Star Wars? If so, how do the following rank? :
- a force field that can be manipulated by individuals into generating lightning, moving objects telekinetically, choking people and sensing distant phenomenon.
- Laser weapons that seem to shoot projectiles slower than ballistic weapons.
- A laser sword that can deflect other laser shots.
- A space station designed in such a way that a guided torpedo can blow it entirely to bits.
- Droids that move with the flexibility of a mannequin, used by civilizations that have mastered hyperspace travel, holograms, perfect prosthetics and other scientific feats.

tl;dr Star Wars is ludicrous.
Sure, it seems kinda difficult, (right now, who knows in the future...) to create a laser beam that reflects on itself and has solid properties to boot. Or people that move things with their minds (have you seen the science of Mass Effect though? don't dismiss everything)
But those things are kinda of the main point of this universe, sure the force seems unreal, but then i'll have to criticise Spiderman cause i've never heard of someone who can stick to walls like that...

Because Jedi, Lightsabers and the force (plus space travel) are the whole premise of this universe i can't criticise them for being unrealistic, we are in this universe where there is the force.

Not the droids or the Deathstar design flaw though (even though this in particular, even in the movie itself is said to be a rather stupid design oversight, kinda of explaining it) , Droid tech being that bad sounds stupid, i agree, there's no "in this universe robot designers suck" explanation possible here.
Same thing my problem with people understanding the Wookies, they haven't given me an explanation of how people discerne the grows.

Linkformer, first, i've kinda let Han go
Secondly, I'm not sure how much of a verbal conversation you are actually having, i'm sure you understand when they like/dislike what you just did or when they need something. Wouldn't you say it would be terribly difficult to have a Star Wars conversation with them for example?
And third, sure, through time, you are able to identify some distinct "sounds" that they make that help put sense in what they are saying, which no matter how much i watch Star Wars i can't do with Chewie.

About the dogs thing, dogs are unable to communicate verbally , even to each other (not the case with Wookies), They make sounds, smell things, and physically demonstrate what they are looking for.

Barking itself means nothing, but barking pointed towards the door means there's something behind that door.
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