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Originally Posted by mstr kenobi View Post
Is it so hard to remember "Lynk Former" when the name is right there? And besides, people should just call me "Lynk"...

Secondly, I'm not sure how much of a verbal conversation you are actually having, i'm sure you understand when they like/dislike what you just did or when they need something. Wouldn't you say it would be terribly difficult to have a Star Wars conversation with them for example?
And third, sure, through time, you are able to identify some distinct "sounds" that they make that help put sense in what they are saying, which no matter how much i watch Star Wars i can't do with Chewie.
I understand my parents just fine and they choose to speak Hindi to me about everything. I understand them even when its a complex conversation just as long as they don't talk too fast. Some other Indians who speak Hindi to me don't realise that I can't understand them if they start talking too fast so I kind of get lost when they do.

Anyway, I have the same kinds of conversations with my parents as I do with everyone else who speaks English to me. There is no difference other than my brain working a little harder to interpret.

As for Chewie... he isn't Han's pet dog, he's a sentient being from a very advanced culture and has a language which is pretty complex based on everything we know about Wookiees through Star Wars canon. Han has spent many years with Chewie and over time he's developed an understanding of the Wookiee language. He can't speak it himself because he doesn't have the physical capabilities as a human, but he understands it.

How is that so hard to understand? There are many Africans who have that strange click-pop language going on that is far beyond me in terms of what the hell they're saying or how to do it myself, but that doesn't mean they're a bunch of dogs who only express emotional states. It's just a different culture who has developed a different form of language that seems alien to the rest of us.

So yeah, based on my own experience and what I know, I wouldn't say that this particular thing in the Star Wars universe is strange at all.

Also, just to point this out, but Luke (and Anakin before him) does it with Artoo as well, but only after he gets to know the droid |

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