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Now a very good thing.

Dice on Battlefield 3:

“PC is the leading platform, conceptually, for this game, definitely. We are going to make this game on 360 and PlayStation 3 as well, [but] we need to scale it down to those platforms. The PC players are going to love to hear that I’ve said that, but that is a fact. The hardware specs, on the console, are limited. At the same time, for each iteration on these console platforms we can utilise the power of them better and better, so what we do on the other platforms is going to be amazing, and look much better on the PC, too. There’s going to be unique features on the PC version of this game, some of which I think people are going to be very pleased about. I can’t reveal all of them here, but I can reveal that there will be a lot of extra love put into the PC version of this product.”

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