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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
@ mstr kenobi: Actually, you'll notice that most of the people who talk directly to Wookiees are Jedi. Also, Han has been around Chewie for a long time so he gets what he's saying since he understands the language. Same with Lando as well since the three were friends for a long time before the movies.

Other times, like with Leia, she gives Chewie orders and he acknowledges but she never really has a conversation with him since she's not as adept with the Force to communicate as well with Chewie as Yoda, Obi-wan and Luke seem to, or have the experience with his language to understand him as Han does.

Also, as I said before, Wookiees are technologically advanced and have created their own technology. Their form of communication is definitely more than just simple verbal communication. In all likelihood, it's a language that consists of great subtlety and other factors of non-verbal communication that come into play as well.
I don't quite like it the "force translation" power, but i can live with it (it already explains almost every other thing that wouldn't make a whole lot of sense).
I can see Yoda able to communicate as well, he has good relations with the Wookies .

Not sure if i buy the non-verbal part, Chewbacca communicates just fine without relying on pointing and signs, and if he uses things likes scents to communicate to other Wookies that wouldn't be a easy thing for humans to detect (perhaps if you have force translate it becomes easier ).
Most communication he does in the movies is through verbal means.
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