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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Shreds of a Dying Belief
Bee Hoon

Post TSL: Revan and the Exile get together for the first time since the war

I am sorry I missed this one earlier. But I have finally read it and both Bee Hoon and Saberetooth are doing their typically good work here.

Pick of the Week

Star wars kotor Cinderella (warning:not serious)
Revan sama

Post TSL: When the author says it's not serious, it's no joke.

Revan Sama has done it again. HK and Canderous in drag and in one case bad drag at that; reminding me of the movie Hair Spray. The main character going to the ball armed for combat, a droid french kiss. It was all just too much.

Pick of the Week

Donkey skin KOTOR version
Revan sama

Sort of TSL: Another totally fractured fairy tale.

Revan Sama has a lot of fun with fairy tales, weaving them into KOTOR and TSL like a demented weaver.

This piece is rollicking good humor, Kreia as a bumbling fairy godmother, The Exile as a daughter looking forward to marrying her father, HK as the beautiful (?) queen, and Atton with Mira sharing the donkey.

Dark Legacy
Myst Dragon

Post ANH: While the Alliance is still fighting, there are still Jedi in hiding. One of them leaves her home to join the struggle

I didn't have enough time to read past the first chapter, but what I saw looked good. The characters are well written. The characters clearly defined.

Data Packets of Love
Kendoka Girl

TSL no specific period given: Was it really a dream?

The piece was funny in an oddball way. The Exile witnessing a love triangle between T3 HK and GOTO. When she wakes up she thinks it's all a dream, but later actions make you wonder...


From Pre-Mandalorian wars to Post TSL: Revan pursues what he wanted, and finally gets it

The piece is too short to really get a feel for style, but the romance flows to it's logical end as the two are finally reunited.

The Final Step

Pre KOTOR: Revan takes the final step to the dark side, but regrets her loss

Again too short to get a feel for it. The first halting line is Jedi code, but becomes the Sith code easily, and while her followers are pleased, she is not afterwards.

The Language of the Stars

TSL when Visas is sent to find the Exile: Nihilus as he should be

The piece focused on only one thing and worked superbly. As the author commented Nihilus is perhaps the suckiest of the villains of the piece, and this shows him when you would still be fearful of his might.

The Miraluka and the Mask

TSL en route to Dantooine: What lays below the Miraluka's mask?

The piece focuses on that one thing. Despite warnings, he has to know and he finally beats her refusal down. The end is anticlimactic, as I for one did not see the horror the author is describing. It ends with you wondering if the relationship will continue.


A good muse is hard to find

Out in the real world: When a writer gets writer's block, and her muse is nowhere to be found, she falls back on the three back up muses with surprising results.

Having dealt with recalcitrant muses, I got well into the story. When I wrote 'Family of Choice' I had a tightly written scene where the Mandalorans are pulling off a retreat under fire (Think of Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back). People thought Leia had become a wuss because she is assigned to be the load master for the evacuation, but knowing history, I know it is something you assign to the one person who will focus on the job, because as Dunkirk proved, this is also the one person that will be closing the doors of the last ship while still on the ground.

Zakal (My favorite character in the story) was to be my Leia. She would end up captured or killed as the other Mandalorans ride off into the sunset. Yet as the first shuttle is loading to take off, the main character, a nine year old girl Merissa jumps off the shuttle running back to save Zakal.

As I am screaming “WTF!” they arrive. Zakal (Just saved from capture) Berek the man that admired her and assisted, and Merissa. The conversation (Aloud mind you, thank all the gods I was home when it happened) went like this:

Merissa: “You're a meanie! You were going to let those core slime catch or kill her!”

Me: “Now wait a minute-”

Berek: And you give me a love interest about to get the chop. Not very fair.”
Zakal: “Now I know why I was chosen, so you two have no reason to complain.”
Merissa (Stamping her foot): I don't care; he's still a big meanie! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!”
Me: “In real life the people assigned to be the load master end up captured or killed.”

Merissa: “I. Don't. Care! Fix it.”

Zakal (With a let's get to it air): “Well we'll have to do a rewrite of the last seven pages to return to where your plot led. Why not let me survive and you can kill me off later in the story.”

So that is what happened. Zakal survived, and Merissa, now a woman in her fifties exacts her revenge on the man who later had her murdered. Everyone was happy. But plot bunnies, gizka, and recalcitrant characters is something we have to live with.

Pick of the Week

No specific game/ period given: The character wonders what would have happened if they had not met.

The piece is interesting in that nothing is done to tell you who is thinking this; pick your characters and they fit in smoothly.

I Once Had A Girl
Darby OGM

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: A guys night out as the guys reminisce about women they have known.

Having gone through nights like this, I thoroughly enjoyed the story, especially the line about what happened with Ki:

'Ki?' Canderous queried. 'Oh, she caught me cheating on her with her twin sister. Shot me right in the head. Killed me dead. Big mess and all too.'

Pick of the Week

Bastila's Hand

KOTOR on the Unknown planet: Bastila tries to use the secret hole card she had, but it didn't work quite that well

Other authors have tried the 'brainwashed Revan' but this came close to be totally acceptable. The fact that Revan is still resisting comes as a surprise to her as well as the reader. The last two paragraphs suggest more is coming though.

Pick of the Week

Jedi Serenity

KOTOR enroute to Tatooine: A drunken Revan contemplates her feelings

The piece was fun because it reminded me of Rachel Weiss in the Mummy. At least this couple consummated that first kiss.

Pick of the Week

A night in Manaan
Darby OGM

KOTOR on Manaan: A girl's night out to rival the previous work by the same author

The piece like it's predecessor was too choice. The main women on the story all sitting getting quietly blitzed with whomever makes the negative comment having to buy the next round. Having them try the same thing on Canderous was merely icing on a very fun cake.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
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