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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I'm going to have to explain a few things... I'm a student of media and communication so I've been learning about all this kind of stuff for the last few years.

Non-verbal communication isn't necessarily something that's noticeable. EVERYONE, every single one of us engages in non-verbal communication whether we realise it or not and different cultures have different ways of expressing it.

People, including made up characters because they're either being played by people or are created by people to be interpreted by other people, all have forms of non-verbal communication. The characters who feel the most real are the ones that have been created with this in mind. Why? Because humans CAN detect subtle forms of non-verbal communication. Most people just don't notice it consciously, but everyone can interpret (and misinterpret) it.
I understand, and you are right non-verbal communication is happening all the time even simultaneously with the verbal communication.

What i was saying is the fact that Chewie is from a different species might make it more difficult for humans to detect.

A dog in heat emits a scent that drives the males berserk, but i can't detect that... i have to see blood to know.
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