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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
I suggest you do not mock Gerevick. He is entirely serious about his threats and unafraid to carry them out to whatever length he may find necessary. This will be your final warning.
It is intriguing sometimes to ponder whether Gerevick has witnessed WCH's inappropriate attempt at levity. Perhaps all that prevents WCH's untimely end is the reliance Gerevick's traveling spirit has on its Earthly host. In any case, WCH should count himself fortunate that Gerevick is focused primarily on expanding his power base in the Catalan region, with forum matters taking a low priority. Further impudence would likely result in Gerevick's disfavor, something WCH would be wise to avoid. He has little patience for the light-hearted, and will not hesitate to take a life.

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