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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Also, I've been thinking about Star Wars Blu-ray... I hope they've redone all of the CG elements they added to the OT and improved them. They retextured Jabba in ANH but we all know that there's a lot of special edition added stuff that is very out of date and could be improved with this Blu-ray release.
Yeah, as I said before in this thread -

Originally Posted by Me View Post
I've criticised this Blu-Ray release before, but if they can either remove or at least make that awful CG sequence of the speeder entering Mos Eisley blend in properly with the rest of the film, It might be enough to swing it.

I hate that scene with a vengeance it's so jarringly crap and fake. It makes watching ANH really difficult for me.
That, pretty much. The rest of the CG additions really aren't so bad, but the ones in ANH are awful.
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