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The Hokage had reviewed the list once more, to ensure of no time colision with other priorities. All of a sudden he felt a tap to the shoulder. The shock scared the heck out of him as he yelped.

"So hokage...I see that you made up a list for the mission. Any idea as to when we're going to be heading back to Akagi's village?"

"Next time, please use the door." Naruto said sternly. "The preparations have been complete. Tategami has returned, but its mandatory for every shinobi to take long break inbetween missions. So two days from now, you'll be sent back to Akagi's village."

Naruto gave Karela one of those "I trust you" looks.

"Between you, myself and another; Takeda's progress will be monitored and assessed. I trust you to not inform him about this?"
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