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"Bioenergy wall means sentient beings are turned into living batteries. I was the last, before the asari. Wanted to release me, but proved impossible. I regret that she is gone. Was my hero."

Tuhrop was disturbed by the Salarians explanation; the thought that Quiri was strapped to one of those things just proved how demented Cerberus had become. Was the shady organisation the one really incharge of the facility? Or was this all kept top secret, even the security and staff members didnt know about it.

Wasnt important. What was important was rescuing his crewmembers from certain danger. Not only that, as soon as the power came back on the squad was surrounded by armed forces.

Zack knocked down a few guards with his biotics. "TAKE THEIR WEAPONS!" Tuhrop barked. Tuhrop dodged some fire and managed to grab a fallen guards M-3 Predator. Basic weaponry, but atleast they could stand their ground.

"Salarian:Kallic come in. I have located Asari:Quirinius, and I regret she is deceased. Do you wish to "bury" her?" Tuhrop overheard. Or hoping the mixure of gun fire and biotics muffled some of the words.

"Dead?" Tuhrop grunted. "I'll believe that when I see it. Tell Rogue to stand-by and give us his current location."
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