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Originally Posted by Working Class Hero View Post
I'd say it has much less to do with the military than the Pakistani officials who had the balls to tell them where Bin Laden was hiding.
And just why was Osama Bin Laden hiding in Pakistani for the Pakistani official to tell the US where he was hiding? Could it have something to do with those soldiers in Afghanistan putting Bin Laden on the run, forcing him to find a different hiding place that was not as secret?

Edit Sounds like he may have been there close to 5 years.
Originally Posted by Working Class Hero View Post
Is anybody else finding it disturbing that intelligence regarding this operation appears to have been confined to the military and Obama?
Nope and with the way information exchanged today, I'm not really sure why it bothers anyone. They could not even keep Bin Ladin death a secret for 1 hour to allow the President to inform the nation. If the US had been destroying innocent compounds I'm sure Al Jazeera would have been all over it.

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