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Originally Posted by Working Class Hero View Post
I'm just waiting for the Pakistani Muslims to whine about the Americans killing a Muslim on Pakistani soil. That'll be a nice bellylaugh.
For killing Osama? No, not happening.

Originally Posted by Working Class Hero View Post
Is anybody else finding it disturbing that intelligence regarding this operation appears to have been confined to the military and Obama? We don't know how many compounds they've blown up until now on faulty intelligence and not heard one peep about it, but now they all get to wave their dicks and the air and take credit for going into another country and committing assassination?
The compound was being monitored for weeks before the operation. And this is Pakistan, not Afghanistan - the media is strong here. If faulty compounds were being blown up, it would have been all over the Muslim world's news channels.

I've been following Pakistani news channels for a while now, things are interesting. The operation was apparently conducted at 12:30 and was completed in 40 minutes. Curiously, the helicopter crash was reported at about 01:20 - 01:30. I'm guessing it was a diversion for the US forces to move the body.

Amusingly, the Pakistan Military Academy is located near Abbottabad. How convenient for them to not know who lives in oh-so-super-high-security compound.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
It's nice that there some w/in the Pakistani govt that are cooperating with us, but w/o the military operation OBL would still be alive, wch. Mim is quite right, but if you wish to extend some credit to the Pakistani's, that's not unreasonable
For what, not investigating this super-high-security compound where Osama bin Laden was hiding? Pakistan could have taken care of this whole problem years ago if they wanted to.

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