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About time. This was largely a symbolic victory, there are people out there currently who are a far larger threat than Osama has been for quite some time. Time to move on and do the same to them.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
I hope al-Qaeda falls apart after this.
They aren't going to. Far too organized not to be prepared for something like this. Also, I hope they don't, since this is definitely a situation where it's better to have a known evil than an unknown one, as it makes gathering intelligence easier. If Al Qaeda completely disintegrated, its various parts would form new groups, or latch on to others.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
No, job well done by all the soldiers from all the countries that have served, scarified and died to fight this war against al-Qaeda and terrorism. Be it abroad or here at home.
Thanks. I'd just recommend adding intelligence agencies to that list.

Originally Posted by Working Class Hero View Post
Is anybody else finding it disturbing that intelligence regarding this operation appears to have been confined to the military and Obama? We don't know how many compounds they've blown up until now on faulty intelligence and not heard one peep about it, but now they all get to wave their dicks and the air and take credit for going into another country and committing assassination?
Transparency would be disastrous for a covert operation. Any information shared with the public can be seen by our enemies, and it's pretty obvious that sharing info regarding this mission before completion would have defeated the entire purpose. As well as crippling intelligence agencies' ability to get anything done, that sort of change would result in mass resignations. I don't know many people who would be willing to dramatically increase their likelihood of getting killed, just so that Joe Average can feel a little bit more in the loop.

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