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Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
Ugh, apparently they're doing the sea-burial in accordance with Muslim tradition. Screw that. Wrap him in a pig skin and feed him to some other pigs, a la Snatch.

The idea that all people deserve respect in death is absurd.
I agree, especially with the person in question, but I can understand the burial at sea, though. It'd make finding and retrieving his body near impossible.

But then again, they did that in Transformers, and they could have easily incinerated the body.

And apparently there are some pictures of his body doing the rounds on the internet. Obviously I can't link to them here, but they should be easy enough to find for anyone determined to see for themselves, or just morbidly curious.

EDIT: I wonder, was this one of the important things Obama mentioned during his Birth Certificate speech?
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