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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Though, I have to admit, most of the images of Americans celebrating gives off a really overly-jingoistic vibe. Unfortunately, it reinforces the stereotype of Americans as debased, aggressive (DEY DOOK ER JOBS) ignoramuses. I guess you can just say "Well, they're New Yorkers", but whatever.
Kind of puts Americans on the same level of those that took to the street celebrating 9/11/2001. Only Bin Ladin was the aggressor that started it.

I’ll admit celebrating a death, any death irks me, but celebrating the death of what Bin Ladin has come to symbolize is understandable in my opinion.
Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
Thanks. I'd just recommend adding intelligence agencies to that list.
Very true! Could even add the politicians to the list for at last letting the intelligence agencies and military define the information gathered instead of the politicians putting their own spin on it and having the military invade Fiji.

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