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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
I think the burial at sea was to avoid some kind of extremist shrine if he were buried, or left in the hands of his family. Throw him in the sea, a drop in the Ocean... I think the Muslim tradition part is the "Disposal within 24 hours" rather than the Method, which could of course just be public relations or coincidence, rather than respect for the body.
No, it's the method too. Prayers were recited, the body was washed and wrapped in cloth, etc. It'd be just as impossible to turn his body into a shrine if he was wrapped in a pigskin and fed to starving hogs, or even just wrapped and burned, or dumped into the ocean without ceremony. Public relations for who? The people who think he deserves dignity? We shouldn't pander to that sort of person.

Originally Posted by Primogen View Post
It's one last finger given to the extremists - we terminated our enemy, and now we're treating him with -respect-. Just one more sign that we're better than them in every way that matters.
We have enough of those 'signs'. Anyone who doesn't see who's better isn't going to change their mind.

Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Obama just assured his re-election.
Although he had little to nothing to do with this, other than signing a piece of paper he was presented with. What president wouldn't sign that particular order? The number of people talking about this as proof of how great Obama is, and how clearly Democrats get things done, pisses me off. No political figure deserves any credit for this, left or right.

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Though, I have to admit, most of the images of Americans celebrating gives off a really overly-jingoistic vibe. Unfortunately, it reinforces the stereotype of Americans as debased, aggressive (DEY DOOK ER JOBS) ignoramuses. I guess you can just say "Well, they're New Yorkers", but whatever.
Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Kind of puts Americans on the same level of those that took to the street celebrating 9/11/2001.
If someone can't see how celebrating the groundless murder of thousands of innocents is entirely different from celebrating the killing of a man responsible for the deaths of thousands, who wanted to kill more, and had become a symbol to like-minded individuals, they're beyond help.

Osama killed thousands of my countrymen. This included family friends and almost my own father. He attacked my country without provocation. He was a symbol to those who have tried to kill me, and killed many of my friends over the last 10 years. He gloated about all this, and wanted to attack again. He very likely could have. If celebrating his death makes me overly jingoistic, debased, aggressive, racist, and ignorant, those words must have changed their definition since I last checked. The truly ignorant thing is criticizing people for celebrating the death of the man who wanted to kill them, did all of this, and planned to do more.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Very true! Could even add the politicians to the list for at last letting the intelligence agencies and military define the information gathered instead of the politicians putting their own spin on it and having the military invade Fiji.
I'm hesitant to praise politicians just for being less incompetent and arrogant than they ordinarily are. Congress' attempts to hamstring the US intelligence community over the past 40 years or so, as a power grab in the endless tug of war between the branches of government, have been over the top and shameful. The fact that politicians backing off a little for one mission is seen as them being generous illustrates how institutionalized this crippling has become. I'll stop here, to avoid getting too off topic and going off on a rant about the many flaws in Congressional oversight.

Originally Posted by Mandalorian Knight View Post
As an Army guy, I'm jealous of the SEALs that got to pull this off. Congrats to them though, those DEVGRU guys don't mess around.

It'll be interesting to see how this affects Al Queada (sorry about the spelling). I think that the best we can hope for is for them to splinter and begin infighting. Still dangerous, but their capability to plan an execute attacks would be significantly diminished.
One thing you'll learn: The media always gives the SEALs credit. I really have no clue why, but according to the news, there've been things I've participated in that were apparently done by the SEALs, not the 75th or anything else I've been involved with. That's news to me. However, considering the info that it was a joint CIA + SEAL attack is coming from the government in this case, it's actually accurate. No hate here for the SEALs, they're excellent warriors, just bemusement at their higher media profile.

I'd say infighting is unlikely, as is any kind of disintegration. Osama was in hiding, and his influence on AQ's day to day operation was very limited. The people who have been actually leading AQ for quite a while now are still around. Honestly, I almost prefer that to a bunch of splinter groups, since the more well known a terrorist group is, the harder it is for them to put any plans into action without information about them getting to us.

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