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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Let's look at the rest of what I wrote in that same post.... I guess it has just become a habit in Kavar's to quote a line and ignore the rest of what someone wrote. Which is the reason I'm done posting in Kavars. Only this topic lead me to believe this thread would be safe. For what it is worth, like I wrote above I understand people celebrating.
I was mainly objecting to PastramiX's post. TBH your post just confused me because you said it was understandable, yet you also said it put our citizens on the same level as the enemy. I wasn't really sure which you saw as the primary point, the sort of thing that would be easier to interpret if I knew the 'tone of voice' that you were typing each part with, sadly impossible to communicate with text.

I try to avoid taking things out of context (which I agree is done far too often here), but I really didn't know how to make sense of two seemingly contradictory points you were making. TBH, I still can't figure out whether you understand it but think it puts them on the same level, or understand it but see why some people might think it puts them on the same level (subtly but importantly different). It's my fault for not making my confusion clearer.

I'm sorry that this misunderstanding has contributed to your decision to stop posting in Kavar's. For what it's worth, I valued your posts, because although we didn't always agree (didn't always disagree either), you tended to argue your points in a rational manner, using real evidence, and not just baseless 'you're wrong because you're wrong' opinions.

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