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Originally Posted by Astor View Post
I don't personally understand celebrating Bin Laden's death. He ceased to have much importance a while ago, even if he did remain an important symbol for AQ. That said, though, I'm not an American, and nothing he's done has really affected me in any meaningful way.
In the USA, symbolism is a big deal. Americans on average have most of their basic material needs assured (relative to the third world at least), so we tend to get excited about things that are often purely emotional. It's why we have a lot of religious and spiritual individuals in spite of our consumerist culture, for example. We know water is going to come out of the tap, so we make sure the flag is safe instead. It's also why we sue each other for the most trivial reasons.

Yeah, symbolism is everything here in the US. Bin Laden may not have any strategic value in the war on terror, but we'll still feel really good from the closure provided by the SEAL that put a bullet in his head.

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