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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
I wasn't drawing any correlation between the supposed jubilation of "Muslims" on 9/11 with what was experienced today, simply because the situation is incomparable.
So, those people in the "arab street" who were unmistakably jubilant about the Towers attack weren't muslims?

Quite frankly, there isn't much reason to celebrate here, as irrespective of bin Laden's death, there still remains a considerable threat; a threat that during the manhunt for bin Laden has probably increased to a new level of prominence. Even with the figurehead toppled, there's still the fragmentary cells that will follow the power vacuum, as well as the semi-independent al-Qaeda offshoots that have been operating without direct administration from bin Laden prior to his passing. Quite frankly, it's as monumental as the execution of Saddam Hussein (i.e. of petty consequence).
Depending on how one spins the meaning of "celebrate", it is noteworthy in and of itself b/c he was such an important figure to jihadis in general. However, I'd agree that it is premature to say "well, now that we've bagged bin laden, let's call it a day". Will be interesting to see just how much info about AQ and affiliates is gleaned from the intelligence cache they got on this mission

As I've pointed out, I'm criticizing the fanfare that has been made by some; the insistence that this is a game-changing, tide-turning victory in the War on Terror. The resignation of Mubarak is in many ways more celebratory in terms of against-the-odds, "the bigger they are, the mightier they fall" circumstances that makes this incident seem more like the execution of an obscure ideologue who has little absolute authority to make a tremendous difference.
It is game changing, not game ending. Sort of a "you can run, but you can't hide" to terrorists worldwide. Still, unseating Mubarak, will likely prove more destabilizing than OBL's death. Two words: Muslim Brotherhood (and no, they are a legitimate concern, not some toothless boogeyman).

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